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Entasy Online Release Notes

Entasy Online is updated regularly to improve the game with new systems, creatures, quests, maps, and optimization improvemets. Bugs are fixed with updates as well.

Entasy Online will check updates automatically when you connect to the server. If there is an update, game will show a warning stating that you need to update the game. New version number is also stated in this window. While most updates require you to download the latest update to play the game, some updates are not needed to be downloaded. Updating to the latest version is strictly recommended as they include improvements and bug fixes.

Version Type Date Changes
0.0.100 Stable 08/10/2023 Updated Android libraries and sdks.
0.0.99 Stable 10/08/2023 Added x and y coordinates to the minimap.
Added request to delete account button to the main menu.
Changed main menu theme to the summer.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.98 Stable 07/01/2023 Optimization improvements.
Added [Supporter] tag to Entasy Market.
Changed design of amethyst equipments.
Music setting now changes the volume of music in the main menu as well.
0.0.97 Stable 03/01/2023 Fixed a critical bug that caused action button to disappear.
0.0.96 Stable 03/01/2023 Fixed some bugs.
0.0.95 Stable 03/01/2023 Changed max health.
Changed some items.
Changed item drop rates.
Changed craft anvil location.
Updated button locations (Windows).
Updated chat location (Windows).
Added npcs as orange dots to minimap.
There is no more prompt when putting/taking only 1 item to/from storage.
Nerfed melee damage.
Fixed creature walking system.
Fixed obelisk stone in spawn area. Beta 03/01/2023 Fixed some bugs. Beta 01/01/2023 Fixed some bugs.
0.0.94 Stable 28/12/2022 Game has been published on Steam.
0.0.94 Stable 26/12/2022 Fixed an issue that makes the game crash in announcement menu.
0.0.93 Stable 26/12/2022 Added 20 new items.
Added a new creature.
Added announcements button to main menu.
Changed weather to snowy. Stable 16/12/2022 Fixed disconnection error.
Fixed controller_iap crash.
0.0.92 Stable 16/12/2022 Halloween event has ended.
Increased maximum level to 100.
Added 2 new creatures.
Added 15 new items.
Updated item system.
Updated trade window design.
Updated language select menu.
Fixed bugs. Open Beta 16/12/2022 Fixed bugs. Open Beta 02/12/2022 Fixed bugs. Open Beta 29/11/2022 Fixed item: Demonic Rune Open Beta 28/11/2022 Updated design of some guis.
Updated item system.
Updated old systems.
Updated language select menu.
0.0.91 Stable 01/11/2022 Added halloween event.
Added halloween pumpkin hat and cloth skins.
Added frozen bow and staff skins.
Added knighthood.
Added scrollbars to some menus.
Added new items.
Added new creatures.
Changed main menu design.
Changed design of some items.
Updated sdks and apis.
Increased minimum api level to 23 (Android 6.0+)
Fixed black screen after an advertisement is watched.
Fixed colored exp bar bug.
Fixed close button bug.
Fixed a script bug that causes crash.
Fixed many other bugs.
0.0.90 Stable 30/09/2022 Added friend list.
Improved translation of some languages.
Improved optimization.
Reduced file size.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.89 Stable 14/09/2022 Added pickup button.
Changed gui designs of invite to group and trade request.
Changed walking speed.
Fixed bugs.
0.0.88 Stable 09/09/2022 Added tile-by-tile walking and attacking.
Added new options: Enable Minimap, Enable Hitbox, Enable HP/MP Bar
Added unequip items feature.
Changed npc quest window design.
Changed quick slot design.
Improved network optimization.
Removed old sound effects.
Fixed clicking on objects when a gui is open.
Fixed enemy and player animations.
Fixed other bugs.
0.0.87 Stable 29/08/2022 Added character customization system.
Fixed some small bugs.
0.0.86 Stable 23/08/2022 Added a new character design.
Added a new skill: Magic Shield
Changed the first map.
You can now attack by holding attack button. (No need for pressing again and again.)
You can't attack while walking anymore.
Increased count of total monsters from 180 to 370.
Removed old character designs.
Fixed attack bug.
0.0.85 Stable 16/08/2022 Added auto target option.
Added an advanced collision system (You will not be stuck on walls anymore.).
Added shop for nickname color customization.
Improved walking.
Increased base walking speed from 3.5 to 4.0
Fixed screen shake bug.
0.0.84 Stable 14/08/2022 Added 2 new skills.
Added 1 new ranged creature.
Added exit confirmation window.
Added damage indicator when attacked to a creature.
Updated creature healthbar design.
Fixed bugs.
0.0.83 Stable 08/08/2022 Added craft system.
Added 9 new items.
Added options to change location of skill buttons.
New Item feature: Slow down creature attack speed. Stable 01/08/2022 Game can be played on browser.
0.0.82 Stable 30/07/2022 Added 2 new creatures.
Added 2 new items.
Added play as guest button.
0.0.81 Stable 28/07/2022 Possible fix for crash problem.
Dexterity will increase walking speed by 0.05 (20 dex = +1 walk speed, max +2.5)
Added a new npc market.
Added 5 new items.
Added 2 teleport scrolls.
Added light to fire wrath.
Increased size of BotRob creature.
0.0.80 Stable 27/07/2022 Hotfix for ads not working.
0.0.79 Stable 27/07/2022 Increased maximum level to 95.
Added a new creature: BotRob
Added 5 new items.
Added 1 new skill: Speed Wings
Added stones to mine.
Added a shortcut to open storage anywhere as an reward for watching ad.
Darkened the dungeon and added light sources.
Removed level limit for getting exp in groups.
Updated Android SDK and API.
Updated Windows runner.
Security patches.
Fixed server status bug.
Fixed rat animation bug.
Fixed map teleport bug.
0.0.78 Stable 17/07/2022 [BOSS] Frost Guardian will take damage from arrows.
0.0.77 Stable 16/07/2022 Added a minimap.
Added a new skill.
Reduced network usage.
Fixed bugs.
0.0.76 Stable 12/07/2022 Increased max level to 90.
Added a new boss: Frost Guardian.
Added 2 new items.
Changed main menu design.
Changed exp rewards of some monsters.
Changed max exp reward bonus to 24%
Changed max exp reward time to 15 minutes.
Fixed bugs.
0.0.75 Stable 08/07/2022 Added pvp.
0.0.74 Stable 07/07/2022 Changed main menu design.
Added a new boss: Earth Dragon (Lvl 100)
Added 34 new items.
0.0.73 Stable 04/07/2022 Increased max level to 85.
New creature: Water Princess
New skill book design: It will show required energy, cooldown time, and damage.
New skill target system: Just choose an enemy and use the skill.
New map has 2 new musics.
New language options design.
New: Creature levels will be shown above them.
0.0.72 Stable 25/06/2022 Changed design of user interface.
Improved connection speed to the server.
Reduced network usage.
Added 2 new items:
-Protection of Nature Rune
-Runestone of Healer
Added 2 new stats:
-Evasion Chance
-Heal Skills Effect
Added 1 new map.
Increased item drop rate of low level monsters.
Fixed item animation bug in inventory.
Fixed many other bugs.
Removed old dusty codes.
Removed old assets that are not used anymore.
0.0.71 Stable 16/06/2022 New: Stat Training System
New: Life steal ability for some items.
Changed character stats design.
Changed market design.
Changed storage design.
Changed party design.
Changed skill shortcuts design.
Changed font of some texts.
Added an option to remove current quest.
Zoom option will be automatically saved.
0.0.70 Stable 11/06/2022 Added 4 new creatures:
-Stone Golem
-Bone Head
Increased amount of some creatures.
Increased drop rate of some items.
Fixed enchanted rune wisdom bug.
Music and sound volumes will be automatically saved.
Privacy Policy will not be shown again when accepted once.
0.0.69 Stable 07/06/2022 Added plants.
Added timer for skill cooldowns.
Added a new skill: Fire Wrath.
Added a new boss creature: Necromancer.
Changed design of the new map.
Removed active quests text.
Fixed text scroll bug.
0.0.68 Stable 27/05/2022 Added 30 new quests.
Changed the place of quick slots.
Added a new item.
Fixed some bugs.
Increased amount of some creatures.
Removed start menu banner advertisement.
Removed forum button from start menu.
Removed old quests.
0.0.67 Stable 21/04/2022 Changed cooldown of some skills.
Improved network optimization.
Fixed a creature bug.
0.0.66 Stable 18/04/2022 Added a new character design.
Added character change window.
Added a new skill: Quick Dash.
0.0.65 Stable 01/04/2022 Increased maximum level to 80.
Added a new music.
Added a new creature:
Added 4 new items:
>Demon Slayer
>Devil Bow
>Devil Staff
>Demonic Rune
Added settings to move and scale the joystick.
0.0.64 Stable 21/03/2022 Optimization improvements.
Fixed attacking and using skills while walking.
Changed item drop rates.
Changed joystick design.
Changed skill cooldown animation.
Added a new skill (wind blades).
Item descriptions will stay when you move it in the inventory.
0.0.63 Stable 12/03/2022 Optimization improvements.
Increased base walking speed to 3.4 (+13%).
Increased road walking speed to 4.6 (+4%).
New inventory design.
New necklace and ring items:
-Rookie Necklace
-Necklace of Eternal End
-Death Necklace
-Tribal Necklace
-Magic Ring
-Blue Rune Ring
-Beast Ring
Items will not accidentally drop from inventory anymore when you move them.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.62 Stable 03/03/2022 Added potions.
Added new swords.
Added creature death animation.
Fixed holy staff item.
Fixed level up text.
Changed boss dungeon skeleton area design.
Improved server hack protection.
Increased storage capacity.
Increased max stack count of some items in the storage.
Changed default equipment holograms.
0.0.61 Stable 27/02/2022 Added a new item stat: Arrow Damage
Added dark set: Dark Helmet, Dark Armour, Dark Pants, Dark Boots
Added hunter set: Hunter's Helmet, Hunter's Armour, Hunter's Pants, Hunter's Boots
Decreased required maximum experience of some levels
Increased some creatures' exp amounts
0.0.60 Stable 25/02/2022 Agility will give critical damage chance now. Every 1 agilence = +1% chance.
Added a feature to items: Tradeable/Not Tradeable
Added a new map.
Fixed skill menu zoom when first opened.
Fixed clicking buttons in main menu
Fixed skill cooldowns.
Disabled pinch to zoom the map.
Removed buy price of items from the inventory.
New Skill Cooldown Change: Any skill that has over 35 points will have 1 second less cooldown.
Some performance optimizations.
Fixed some creatures were not respawning.
Added a new creature: Dark Cobra
Increased maximum level to 70.
Added 4 new items:
Dark Staff
Thorny Mace
Dark Sword
Energy Soul Runestone
0.0.59 Stable 21/02/2022 Updated skill window design.
Added 2 new skills:
1- Regenerate: It will heal only yourself.
2- Wide Heal: It will heal all players in your group.
0.0.58 Stable 16/02/2022 Added a storage for items.
Added 4 new items.
*Warlord Sword
*End Shield
*Sudden Death Runestone
*Void Runestone
Fixed item stats are not updating.
0.0.57 Stable 13/02/2022 Added trade system.
Added an option to enable and disable trade system.
Fixed some bugs in chat.
0.0.56 Stable 10/02/2022 Increased maximum level to 60.
Added a new creature.
Added a new boss.
Added an option to zoom in and zoom out.
Changed logo.
0.0.55 Open Beta 07/02/2022 Added a new boss.
Added 2 new skills to bows.
Improved chat system.
Added an option to increase chat size.
0.0.54 Open Beta 06/02/2022 A small fix.
0.0.53 Open Beta 06/02/2022 Increased maximum level to 55.
Added 2 new creatures.
Added 2 new rarities for bloodless and iceless orbs.
Added a new orb type.
Added new walking speed bonus.
Increased optimization.
0.0.52 Stable 04/02/2022 Added a new market.
Added 2 new rarities for health and energy potions.
Improved settings menu design.
Added a setting for disabling chat.
Improved translations of other languages.
Added Polish translation option.
0.0.51 Stable 02/02/2022 Entasy Online 0.0.51 Version Notes:
Added 4 quick slots.
Added 2 Potions:
1- Bloodless Orb
2- Iceless Orb
Language choice will be saved automatically.
Minor bug fixes
0.0.50 Open Beta 28/01/2022 Added 3 different languages (Turkish, Portuguese, Russian).
Added 5 new items.
Added 1 new passive skill.
Added wiki, forum, and privacy policy buttons to start menu.
Small bug fix.
0.0.49 Open Beta 25/01/2022 Changed start menu.
Added scrollable privacy policy text.
Added wiki, forum, and privacy policy buttons to start menu.
Small bug fix.
0.0.48 Open Beta 25/01/2022
0.0.47 Open Beta 24/01/2022 Improved connection to server.
Small bug fix.
0.0.46 Stable 23/01/2022 Added a skill to all staffs.
Added colored descriptions to items.
0.0.45 Stable 19/01/2022 Increased max group player count to 4.
Added player levels to near player names.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.44 Stable 16/01/2022 Added a new creature.
Increased max level to 50.
0.0.43 Stable 14/01/2022 Changed server connection type.
Reduced network usage. Some network optimizations.
0.0.42 Stable 14/01/2022 Added 2 new creatures.
Fixed attack button.
0.0.41 Stable 10/01/2022 Removed singleplayer mode.
Added 2 new creatures.
Added a new map.
Redesigned the interface.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.40 Open Beta 08/01/2022 Changed main menu design.
Added a new map.
Removed singleplayer mode.
0.0.39 Stable 03/01/2022 Max level has been increased to 45 in multiplayer mode.
Added 3 creatures to multiplayer mode.
Experience needed for higher levels is decreased.
Ice and meteorite skills can have maximum 35 points now.
Skills will give more damage when they have more than 10, 20, and 30 points.
Effect of area of ice and meteorite skills is increased.
0.0.38 Open Beta 02/01/2022 Added an options menu to multiplayer mode.
0.0.37 Stable 30/12/2022 Added an option to disable and enable snow in multiplayer mode.
Snow is removed from singleplayer mode.
Fixed creature attack bug in multiplayer mode.
Fixed chat text color in multiplayer mode.
0.0.36 Stable 28/12/2022 Winter has come to Entasy World.
Collecting snowflake event has started in multiplayer mode.
Fixed last quest bug.
Added new decorations to multiplayer mode.
Ice skill will have 1.5x more damage until winter ends.
0.0.35 Stable 26/12/2022 Added group system to multiplayer mode.
Fixed creature attack error.
0.0.34 Stable 23/12/2022 Added 2 new skills to multiplayer mode.
Increased max points of skills.
0.0.33 Stable 19/12/2022 Increased walking speed on stone roads in multiplayer mode.
New dungeon is improved.
0.0.32 Open Beta 19/12/2022 Fixed skills cause monsters to regen their healths.
Fixed some small bugs.
0.0.31 Open Beta 19/12/2022 Automatic reconnect attempts in multiplayer mode.
Fixed some small bugs.
0.0.30 Stable 16/12/2022 Fixed game does not open.
0.0.29 Stable 16/12/2022 Added a new creature to multiplayer mode.
Increased max level to 35 in multiplayer mode.
0.0.28 Stable 15/12/2022 Added a new creature to multiplayer mode.
Increased max level to 30 in multiplayer mode.
No bugs are fixed.
0.0.27 Stable 14/12/2022 Changed the design of movement joystick.
Increased the size of buttons.
Some bugs are fixed.
0.0.26 Beta 13/12/2022 Crash bug fix 2
0.0.25 Stable 11/12/2022 Crash bug fix
0.0.24 Stable 11/12/2022 Removed the need of entering username for every login.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.23 Stable 09/12/2022 Added new equipment system.
Added new items to market.
Added a new creature.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.22 Beta 08/12/2022 Level limit increased to 25
Added a new creature.
Added new equipment items.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.21 Stable 02/12/2022 Updated skill system.
Fixed some bugs.
0.0.18 Stable 27/11/2022 Some bugfixes for multiplayer server connection.
0.0.17 Stable 25/11/2022 Graphical design is updated in multiplayer mode.
Added rats to multiplayer mode.
0.0.16 Stable 23/11/2022 Added a new creature to multiplayer mode.
Increased max level from 13 to 20 in multiplayer mode.
Creatures now give different experiences according to your level in multiplayer mode.
0.0.15 Stable 21/11/2022 Added fishing to multiplayer mode.
Added a graphic for skill countdown timer to multiplayer mode.
Added 2 new items to multiplayer mode.
Added new object decorations to multiplayer mode.
Fixed some bugs in multiplayer mode.
0.0.14 Stable 14/11/2022 This version should fix crash problems when connecting to multiplayer.
Quests are synchronized with server
0.0.11 Stable 12/11/2022 Changes for the connection method of connecting to the server.
Added 2 new monsters in multiplayer mode.
Increased health of some monsters in multiplayer mode.
Added shop to sell items in multiplayer mode.
You can now buy items from market in multiplayer mode. Stable 10/11/2022 You can now drop items from inventory
Dungeon Skeleton boss health increased from 160 to 300
Increased health of some monsters
0.0.7 Stable 10/11/2022 Multiplayer server is moved to another location due to unexpected long accessibility problems.
Gold, inventory items, and equipments will be saved in multiplayer mode.
Being stuck in walls is fixed.
Spell spamming is fixed in singleplayer mode.
Added a feature that automatically saves your login details in multiplayer mode.
Login and register buttons design are changed.
0.0.5 Stable 08/11/2022 Account saving problem is fixed on multiplayer mode.
Note: Only your user name, level and experience will be saved.
You will get more health when you level up in multiplayer mode.
Health regeneration is fully synchronized with server in multiplayer mode.
You will get more attack and spell damage when you level up in multiplayer mode.
0.0.4 Stable 07/11/2022 Entasy Online is officially published on Google Play Store
Added inventory to singleplayer mode.
Added item descriptions
Added zoom scaling with gestures to singleplayer mode.
You can drop items in singleplayer mode now.
The problem that causes players not being able to see enemy attack animations is solvd in multiplayer mode.
Fixed other small bugs.
0.0.3 Closed Beta 03/11/2022 Added 3 new musics to singleplayer mode.
Added 4 new skills to singleplayer mode.
Added character stat window to see information about player.
Decreased the rate of monsters to spawn in singleplayer mode.
0.0.2 Closed Beta 26/10/2022 Added server last online date.
0.0.1 Stable 21/10/2022 The first version is published on Play Store.
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