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Entasy Online - Unity Project Devlog

=⇒ What is this? Is it a new game? It is the same game that will be coded from the beginning using Unity game engine and C# programming language.

=⇒ What will change? First of all, server will be more stable. Game will have more features and systems.

=⇒ Why did you change the game engine? Gamemaker caused a lot of problems as it is too limited for a mmorpg server.

=⇒ When will it be released? It is unknown. Devlogs will be published in our Discord server. You can follow the progression of the game here.

Game Engine: Unity
Programming Language: C#
Framework: .Net 7.0

# Date Description
4 16/02/2023 +(Frontend) Added register and login functions.
+(Frontend) Added player and obelisk objects.
+(Frontend) Added player movement functions.
+(Frontend) Added camera following and zoom functions.
+(Front/Backend) Added version check.
+(Backend) Improved data processing.
+(Backend) Added ping check for connected players.
+(Backend) Added kick command.
3 04/02/2023 +(Frontend) Added connect button.
+(Frontend) Added a text for connection status.
+(Backend) Started building the database.
+(Backend) Improved network data processing for multiple connections.
2 31/01/2023 +(Backend) Added player login and authentication.
+(Backend) Added some server commands.
+(Backend) Changed from .NET framework 4.8 to .NET 7.0
1 28/01/2023 +(Frontend) Splash screen
+(Backend) Basic methods for managing client and server.
+(Backend) TLS handshake between client and server.
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