Entasy Rules

Last Updated: 2 January 2023

Rule 1- Absolutely no swear words or slurs are allowed.

Rule 2- No political conversations are allowed.

Rule 3- Racist slurs, hate comments or conversations are not allowed (serious issues like these can result in mute or ban).

Rule 4- Repeatedly sending messages in a short period of time is not allowed, this is considered as spamming.

Rule 5- Do not proceed to start arguments by making fun or using any comments to embarrass someone or make them feel bad.

Rule 6- Don't disturb, harass, irritate or use any toxic behavior towards anyone, if someone bothers you report it to staff.

Rule 7- Do not send malicious links that contain harmful viruses, or redirect to any websites.

Rule 8- Do not share your account information with anyone, this includes selling it for in game or real world currency.

Rule 9- Do not send any images, or start any conversations which contain anything that relates to sexual/nsfw (Not safe for work).

Rule 10- All forms of advertisements are prohibited other than advertisement of clans of Entasy Online game.

Rule 11- You are required to accept Entasy Online's Terms and Privacy Policy (https://www.entasyonline.com/privacy/).

Rule 12- Moderators or admins have all rights to punish you in the form of either muting, banning or kicking as long as you have broken a rule.

Rule 13- Rules and punishments can be changed at any time or point, it is your responsibility to check them every now and then.

Rule 14- Do not use any cheats.

Default Punishment:
If a rule has no punishment defined, default punishment will be taken into account.